Sitaram Saraf is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of SHELLAC, SEEDLAC and other LAC products from India. Business of Shellac is our family business and we are in this trade for the last hundred years. Our organization is an Export House recognized by Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.

Our factory is located in Village: Anigara, Post : Khunti, Dist : Ranchi, in the state of Jharkhand. This is the best lac producing area in this world. More than 200 people are employed in the factory. The factory is capable of producing 150 M/T of Shellac/Seedlac every month. Every lot of raw material is testified before production to determine the properties and suitability for the manufacture of each grade of Shellac. Every batch is manufactured under strict quality control of skilled and technical persons with experience of decades behind them.

Sitaram Saraf has been exporting it’s products to countries like Indonesia, Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Mexico, UK, USA etc. All the leading importers in these countries are our valued customers since a long time. Our products are well received in all the Shellac/Seedlac importing countries.

Customer satisfaction is our motto and all our customers are very much satisfied with our dealings and deliveries. Because of this reason, we are the largest exporters of Shellac to UK, Germany, Italy, Holland and others European countries from India.

Our CEO, Mr. S.K.Saraf, is an experienced person in the Shellac trade. Mr. Saraf has been the Chairman of the Shellac Export Promotion Council in India, many times in the past. He has traveled to USA, UK and other European countries, as well as the Far Eastern countries a number of times to meet the customers and as certain their views on the different aspects of Shellac trade and also to keep them informed about the exact situation of Shellac industry in India. This has created a lot of confidence in customer’s mind about the organization.


The awards received are for highest exports, given by the Shellac Export Promotion Council for 3 consecutive years making it a HATTRICK. The award is the 1st Export Award.