Dewaxed Decolourised Shellac is produced from carefully selected raw materials by the solvent extraction system using activated carbon.


  • Good film forming properties, a high gloss and excellent adhesion to various substrates including the human hair.

  • Non-toxic and physiologically harmless.

  • Good solution in ethanol and lower alcohols.

  • Can be dissolved in water by adding an alkali like Ammonia, Amp, Tea.

  • Compatible with many other resins, raw materials and additives used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food formulations.


Cosmetics :
Hair sprays (Pump sprays or aerosol sprays with propropan-butan or DME), Hair setting lotions, Hair Shampoos, Mascara, Eyeliners, Nail Polishes, Lipsticks, Microencapsulation by coacervation of fragrances and perfume oils.

Food :
Coating of confections, chewing gum, candles, cakes, eggs, Citrus fruits and apples. Printing inks for eggs and cheese.

Pharmaceuticals ;
Shellac is recommended as it conforms to the specification of USP XXIII and DAB 9.

Grades :
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